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Registered in England and Wales - 05142056
VAT Registration - 853 3990 96

Who We Are

VendEase is the UK’s most innovative vending company. Using reliable, high-tech machines, we sell more than 130 different products across a diverse range of UK businesses.

What We Do

VendEase supplies vending machines to UK businesses, mainly in London and the South East of England.  We use machines which we have adapted to sell more than 130 different types of products.

All VendEase machines are fitted with telemetry, which enables real-time monitoring of stock levels and the machine’s status.

All VendEase machines have ‘safe vend’ technology, so customers can be assured of secure financial transactions with both cash and card payments.

And all VendEase machines are sleek, robust and reliable, fitting discreetly into any working environment.

Vending is convenient and cost-effective.  Your customers can buy what they want, when they need it, leaving your staff to focus on their primary roles.  Great for your customers, great for your business!

How We Started

Our founders, Jonny Holmes and Dave Berman, travelled a lot in their previous jobs, staying in mid-range hotels, with no concierge service.  If they had forgotten something for their overnight stay – toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, for example – they’d usually need to leave their hotel and walk to a local store to buy it.

Inspired by the success and popularity of vending in countries like Japan and the USA,  they came up with the idea of using vending machines in hotels to sell those essential, often forgotten items – just like a mechanical concierge.

Jonny and Dave also aimed to change the slightly negative perceptions associated with UK vending historically: empty or broken machines, which were more likely to swallow your cash than dispense any products.

So in 2004, they channelled their passion for doing things well – and differently – and created VendEase.

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The History of VendEase

Our Values & Beliefs

At VendEase, providing service excellence underpins everything that we do. We have the greatest respect for you, our customer, so we will always respond to your needs promptly and proactively, maintaining and re-stocking your machines quickly and efficiently. Reliable and professional, we approach vending with a creative, open mind – our mission is always to find the perfect vending solution for you.

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Meet The Founders

The Vendease Founders.

Jonny Holmes and Dave Berman first met whilst studying at University in Manchester in the mid-1990s. They talked then about setting up their own business, even developing their own model depicting the key ingredients to business success.

Only after spending a number of years working as management consultants did they finally take the plunge and decide the time had come to start up their own business. The rest is now history!

Who Will Benefit From Our Services

Premier Inn

  • Venue: London
  • Industry: Leisure
“Reliable vending service partner”

“VendEase have offered an extremely useful additional service for our guests and they have proved to be a reliable vending service partner”

Alan Neill | Head of Ancillary Revenue, Premier Inn

Premier Inn have grown their business by listening closely to their guests and giving them exactly what they want.

In an effort to improve customer satisfaction levels even further, Premier Inn selected VendEase to be their primary non – food vending service provider. VendEase placed one of their ‘Last Minute Item’ machines into a selection of larger Premier Inn properties ensuring that guests are able to purchase most of…

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