Battersea Power Station





Battersea Power Station is at the heart of one of central London’s largest, most visionary and eagerly anticipated new developments, which has seen this vast 42-acre former industrial brownfield site become home to a community of homes, shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, offices and over 19 acres of public space.  It is a £9 billion project, spread over 8 phases carried out by many of the largest construction companies in Europe.


H&W Catering have been at the heart of many of these phases providing the onsite catering to 1,000s of construction personnel.  An integral part of their offer both here and on other large scale construction projects is the provision of 24/7 snack and drink facilities.  VendEase have been working closely with H&W for over 10 years as their preferred vending partner.  More recently VendEase have introduced bean-to-cup coffee machines in order to support H&W in the provision of round the clock F&B solutions to their clients.


Later shifts and high volumes of operatives over short periods of time have placed increasing importance on vending solutions.  Well placed units have allowed operatives to grab a high quality coffee or snack without the need to queue at the canteen or ensure they reach the canteen before it closes.

“A consistently reliable service”

“VendEase have provided us with a consistently reliable service, when we need a machine, we get one, quickly. If it breaks down, it gets fixed, pronto.  The telemetry in the machine means they are extremely efficient operationally and our large-scale construction clients get a reliable, 24/7, snack, drink and coffee solution.”


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