BBC Television Centre





The regeneration of the BBC’s famous Television Centre in White City is one of the largest in London, requiring a massive deployment of construction workers who needed accessible catering around the clock.

H&W Catering, a specialist construction catering firm supplying many of London’s largest construction projects, was tasked with supplying this 24/7 food & drink solution.

Cue VendEase, who were able to provide H&W with their fully managed Snack Vendor and a dedicated Drink Vendor in the site’s welfare area.

The snack machine has a wide range of traditional and healthy snack offerings, while also providing ready meals and pasta snacks – perfect for night shift workers. The drinks machine offers a broad range of refreshing drink options.

The additional benefit of these units is that they have taken pressure off the canteen during busy times and ensured that H&W are able to offer their client a true 24/7 catering solution.

"Consistently reliable service"

“VendEase have provided us with a consistently reliable service, when we need a machine, we get one, quickly. If it breaks down, it gets fixed, pronto. The telemetry in the machine means they are extremely efficient operationally and our large scale construction clients get a reliable, 24/7, snack and drink solution.”


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