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Following the successful provision of standard snack and drink vending across much of the London Premier Inn estate, VendEase in conjunction with the Premier Inn Ancillary Revenue Team identified an opportunity to develop an innovative, digitally based alcohol vending offer.  We worked closely with leading licensing lawyers and local authorities to find a safe and controlled way to sell alcohol from our new digital machines via their 42” touch screen.


Guests have loved the new offer, it has given them the opportunity to grab an alcoholic drink when the bar has been closed, or if they simply want a drink in their room without having to queue at the bar.  It has also taken some of the pressure away from Premier Inn internal F&B teams without any operational issues.


This project has been seen as a great success and we have managed to develop the User Interface so that guests can now pay for parking, buy pillows and be made aware of internal Premier Inn messaging and promotions. The publicity that this project developed also paved the way for further opportunities within the hotel sector including a full roll out at Malmaison Hotels.


VendEase consistently look to innovation to create new opportunities and this has been a great example of harnessing technology to satisfy both guest and client needs.

"Reliable vending service partner"

“VendEase have found a way of addressing an unmet need amongst our guests whilst also improving the overall guest journey.  They have proved to be an extremely reliable vending service partner”


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