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As one of the largest and best located hotels in Central London, the Strand Palace enjoys enviable occupancy rates with more than 400,000 guests passing through the property every year.

Before VendEase came along, Strand Palace guests who had forgotten essential items such as toiletries and travel accessories relied on the hotel’s front desk to help them find them, asking for directions to the nearest shop and taking up valuable front desk time.

The introduction of the VendEase ‘Last Minute Item’ Vendor enabled guests to buy a wide range of these often forgotten items from the hotel vending area, instead of having to go out and buy them.

Flyers highlighting the new service were placed in the guest folders in their room and staff were briefed so they could easily direct guests to the new service.

The hotel now has the advantage of a fully managed 24/7 retail service, without the cost or hassle of running their own shop. And everyone benefits: guests don’t need to leave the hotel for their last minute items, pressure is taken away from front desk staff and the hotel enjoys a new revenue stream in the form of a sales commission from the machine.

"Keen to try out new, innovative vending ideas"

“VendEase have provided our guests with an extremely useful additional service, they have proved to be easy to work with, reliable, responsive and keen to try out new, innovative vending ideas”


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